No Valuables

Customer Credit Cards are something we do not save. It is actually a security feature and rule of our business. We do not store client card information. Our clients and business are safer that way. We keep a constant backup in case other disasters.

Hacking Punishable up to 10+ Years in Federal Prison

Cyber Action Teams FBI

Computer and Internet Fraud Primary tabs Overview Fraud through the criminal use of a computer or the Internet can take many different forms. “Hacking” is a common form, in which a perpetrator uses technological tools to remotely access a protected computer or system. Another common form involves the interception of an electronic transmission unintended for the interceptor, such as passwords,…

Attention Hackers

Cyber Action Teams FBI

These accounts do not exist on this server: ialxohimo and jpli. Stop trying! You make yourself look like idiots to IT professionals. Not even sure how you came up with those? That is the bigger mystery. All accounts on this machine, passwords are greater then 14 characters alphanumeric and special characters. Trying to guess a…

10 Years IBM, 10 Years Linux

This journey started in the frozen tundra of Minnesota hence the name MinnSoftCRM. When I left my Corporate position in 2008, I had no idea it would come this far and take me halfway around the world.  My, where did the time go ?