Here are some of our client sites. Some of these are our science based web sites Fly By Asteroids and Asteroid Calendar. We have done full blown production sites with Secure Credit Card, PayPal, Email purchase notifications and more.


This is a our full stack client Buds Custom Meats in Riverside Iowa. They have a complementary system that runs it’s web operations hands free. 

Buds Custom Meats

Buds Custom Meats, Riverside Iowa

Here is a special client of ours on the beautiful Oregon Coast, Tillamook County Pioneer. They are one of the finest small news agencies in the area of the Pacific Northwest of Oregon for Local Coastal News. We handle many of their ongoing need’s as they materialize. This client receives over 100,000 hits per month. We just finished developing a custom email subscription system that is 100% automated. They are very pleased with its functions, security and relay of their news from their site to their subscribers inbox.    

Buds Custom Meats

Tillamook County Pioneer, Tillamook Oregon

Ah, the forever ongoing pet project of Fly By Asteroids ! This is my baby 😉 I have been involved in Science for a very long time. This is my custom Automated Email Alerting System for newly discovered asteroids. When a new NEO/PHA asteroid is discovered, I developed a special algorithm with data retention to fire off emails when new asteroids are discovered and released by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories. It work’s like a dream and 100% totally automated and accurate. 

Fly By Asteroids

Fly By Asteroids, Forna L’Atzúbia Spain

Oregon’s Big Wave Cafe is a client of Tillamook County Pioneer with help of MinnSoftCRM implementation.

Big Wave Cafe

Big Wave Cafe, Manzinita Oregon

Smiley Brothers is a client of Tillamook County Pioneer with help of MinnSoftCRM implementation.

Smiley Brothers

Smiley Brothers, Tillamook Oregon

Siggig is a client of Tillamook County Pioneer with help of MinnSoftCRM implementation.

Siggi G