Security Download

Here is an HTACCESS file to drop on your site to block countries of Russia and China. Most of it is complete. It is in a text file format so when you download it you can view the contents. When you save it, make sure you rename it before you upload to your website. The file must be named .htaccess – do not forget the beginning period and it has no file extension like .exe, .txt, .pdf. It is just .htaccess

Put that file in your main web root which is /public_html and any other directory you want to ban from accessing your site. Hope this helps someone. With the increased threats from Russia and China on the Internet, it is better safe then sorry. If you do not do business with them why allow them access to your site?

Here is the download link. This comes directly from our web server. Hover over the link and you will see the link address which you can click here.